Your Guide to the Fest

Please note: Info on the 2018 Festival will be updated in May 2018


All venues are handicapped accessible.  

Accessible portable bathrooms for those attending outdoor shows are located: 

The free Shuttle sponsored by Harris Beach PLLC, is wheelchair accessible, has WIFi and can be located via GPS. (See shuttle info below)
Individuals needing assistance may call the Festival office in advance at (585) 454-2060 or see a volunteer at venue entrances. Individuals being dropped off may pull up at the corner of Main St. and Gibbs. 


Distance from the airport to the festival is about 15 minutes. 
Greater Rochester International Airport Information


Courtesy of our presenting sponsor, M&T Bank, ATMs are located in several locations around the festival. See the map for exact locations. 


Located in the parking lot of the Rochester Regional Health Big Tent at the corner of Main and Chestnut

Bikes for rent via  Zagster at multiple locations around downtown. 


There may be minor bus route detours due to festival-related street closures; check or call 585-288-1700 for details.


Download Food Guide - We've Put it All Together For You! 
We offer a wide variety of food and beverages at the festival on:
Food and beverages are also served at the following Club Pass venues.  There are also many restaurants in the festival area.


Provided by Rochester Regional Health. Located outside the Merchandise Tent on Jazz Street near East Main St. 



DURING THE FESTIVAL: Please go to the Ticket Office at the corner of 100 East Ave.  Open 10 AM - 11PM daily during the festival. Write your name and cell number on your Club Pass so that you can be notified if lost. 


Get official posters, apparel, portable seats, and other great gear are available in the Merchandise Tent on Jazz Street (Gibbs St.) during the festival. Limited items also available online. Open 4:00-11:00PM daily.


XRIJF is held in downtown Rochester, NY in the East End Cultural and Entertainment District. All venues are within walking distance of each other so park once and walk to everything.

The Festival does not operate any parking but there are many surface lots and ramp parking garages conveniently located near festival venues. Please note, many side streets will be closed. 

Please read the signs and make sure that parking is allowed wherever you are parking. Many lots are private for the use of their patrons only, so cars will be towed. The Festival cannot take any responsibility people who park illegally.


The use of cameras (still, video, cell phones) and recording devices is strictly prohibited at all indoor concerts at XRIJF. Photography is permitted only by credentialed photographers in designated areas. Concertgoers are asked to please abide by these guidelines out of respect for the artists and others in the audience.  Anyone not abiding by these rules will be asked to leave the venue. 


Restrooms are located inside every venue. There are also portable bathrooms outside of the Rochester Regional Health Big Tent, the alley adjacent to Kilbourn Hall, along the Avangrid/RG&E Fusion Tent, and on Chestnut Street during the Friday and Saturday concert


Look for our new shuttle bus this year that is accessible and accommodates two wheelchairs. It will circulate all 9 days of the fest from 3PM–Midnight stopping at key festival venues. Onboard WiFi and GPS tracking. Look for shuttle stop signs. Shuttle route loop takes approximately 30 minutes. Sponsored by Harris Beach PLLC.

Shuttle Stops - watch for updates in June 2018

  • Radisson Rochester Riverside (corner of St Paul and Bragdon Pl)
  • Main St. and Chestnut St. 
  • North Chestnut (Harro) 
  • Main St. and Scio 
  • Broad St. (Xerox Auditorium) 
  • East Ave. and Winthrop St. (Little Theatre) 
  • East Ave. and Lawrence St. (Anthology) 
  • East Ave. and Prince St. (Lyric Theatre) – Sun June 25  thru Thu June 29 only


2018 closing schedule will be announced in May 2018

 Gibbs Street (From East Ave to E. Main) 

 Chestnut (From E. Main to East Ave)

East Ave between Chestnut and Scio  - closed June 23 - July 1  (4-11 p.m.)

East Ave (From E. Main to Scio) and Chestnut (From Broad to East Ave)

 Main Street (from Gibbs to Chestnut-not to include Gibbs or Chestnut)

 Midtown Stage at 275 East Main Street (Parcel 5) -  the following streets are closed:

July 1 – 7:00AM-Midnight  

 July 1 – 3:00PM-Midnight 


  • Headliner show and Club Pass tickets if still available – purchase online at, or visit the Jazz Fest Ticket Shop at 100 East Ave open now through June 22 from 10PM–5PM and daily during the fest June 23 - July 1 from 10AM–11PM. 
  • Club Shows – enter with the Club Pass or $30/$35 cash only at the door. First-come, first-served for everyone, no reserved seating, no advance sales. Redeem your Club Pass ticket before you attend any shows at Ticket Shop now through the festival or in the Merchandise Tent during the festival. Tickets cannot be redeemed at venues. See tickets for more info.
  • Free Shows – no tickets required, all shows rain or shine.
  • Ticket Shop - located at 100 East Ave Hours: June 1 through June 21 from 10am-5pm; June 23 - June 30 from 10am-11pm. 


 For information on things to do during the day while you are in Rochester see 


  • For free shows you can bring lawn/stadium chairs
  • Your tickets and Club Pass! (Please write your name and cell number on your pass.)


  • Pets, Coolers, or Food





Ticket Shop

Will open in June 2018. Stay tuned for dates and hours. 

Get Ticket Announcements

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Headliner Series Show Tickets  

Tickets go on sale Friday, December 8 at 10 a.m. only at Buying online is the FASTEST way to buy.  If you do not have a computer or smartphone to order by phone call (585) 454-2060.
Tickets for Seal are $115 / $105 / $85 / $70 plus service charges. (June 22, 2018)
Tickets for Béla Fleck & the Flecktones are $85 / $70 / $55 / $40 plus service charges. (June 26, 2018)
Tickets for Alison Krauss are  $85 / $70  plus service charges. (June 27, 2018)

Free Shows

You do not need tickets for any free shows.  All shows go on rain or shine.  Food and beverages available at all outdoor stage venues,  Bring lawn chairs or stools. 

Club Pass Series Passes, Tickets, Shows & Information

Choose from Shareable or Personal (non-transferable Passes)

9-Day Club Pass 
Unlimited access to Club Pass Series shows on all nine days of the festival. See as many shows and come and go as you like.  Ticket prices are the same for children, adults, students, and seniors.  Pass prices are the same for children, adults, students, and seniors.  Club Pass is NOT good at headliner shows at Eastman Theatre.
Personal Non-transferable Pass - same price as last six years - buy before Dec 1 and save the most.
  • Jan 1 through the Festival  - $204 + $6 service chg
Shareable Transferable Pass - buy before Dec 1 and save the most
  •  Jan 1 through Festival - $244+$6 service chg
3-Day Club Pass
Unlimited access to Club Pass Series shows on any three days of your choice during the festival.  Your Pass will be punched on each day you use it. After the third day it is punched, the Pass is no longer valid.  Pass prices are the same for children, adults, students, and seniors.  Club Pass is NOT good at headliner shows at Eastman Theatre. 
Personal Non-transferable Pass - buy before Dec 1 and save the most
  • Jan 1 through Festival - $184 + $6 service chg
Shareable Transferable Pass - buy before Dec and save the most
  • Jan 1 through Festival - $194 +$6 service chg
Club Pass Series Venues
223 Shows, 12 Venues
Doors open 30 minutes before shows at all venues. Seating is first-come first-served with Club Pass or by paying single entry cover charge at the door only.
  • Christ Church  - 2 shows a night,  9 nights
  • Harro East Ballroom   - 2 shows a night,  9 nights
  • Hatch Recital Hall, Eastman East Wing  - 2 shows a night,  9 nights
  • Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music  - 2 shows a night,  9 nights
  • Max of Eastman Place  - 2 shows a night,  9 nights
  • Montage Music Hall   - 2 shows a night,  9 nights
  • Reformation Lutheran Church  - 2 shows a night,  9 nights
  • The Wilder Room  - 2 shows a night,  9 nights
  • Rochester Regional Health Big Tent  6PM show (free),  8:30/10:30 shows - 3 shows a night, 9  nights
  • Squeezers Stage at Anthology   - 2 shows a night,  9 nights
  • Temple Building  - 2 shows a night,  8 nights (excluding Sunday June 24)
  • Xerox Auditorium at Xerox Plaza   - 2 shows a night,  9 nights
Single entry access to Club Pass shows - $30 ($35 Kilbourn Hall) at the door. Cash only, no advance sales. M&T Bank ATMs are conveniently located throughout the festival site. Entry prices are the same for children, adults, students, and seniors.  Doors open 30 minutes before shows at all venues. 
Save Time in Line at Kilbourn Hall and Max of Eastman Place

At two of our busiest venues, Kilbourn Hall and Max of Eastman Place (6 PM & 6:15 PM shows only), we offer a wristband system to save patrons time spent in line and more time to enjoy other shows and activities around the festival.

Here's How It Works - Club Pass holders and those paying cash at the door may line up and receive a color-coded wristband that will specify a return time to see the show. You must be present and in line to get a wristband. Come back at your assigned time and enjoy the show!

KILBOURN – 6:00 PM shows only (Color-coded wristbands will be issued starting around 4 PM)
First 100 wristbands - Entrance time 5:30-5:35
101-250 - Entrance time 5:35-5:40
251-400 - Entrance time 5:40-5:50
MAX – 6:15 PM shows only (Color-coded wristbands will be issued starting around 4:15 PM)
First 50 wristbands - Entrance time 5:45-5:50
51-100 - Entrance time 5:50-5:55
101-230 - Entrance time 5:55-6:05
Please note: Seating is first-come, first-served, whether you have a wristband, a Club Pass or paid at the door. If you miss your assigned entrance time you can enter any time afterward up to 15 minutes before the show starts. Space will not be guaranteed if you are late. If you arrive after 5:45 (Kilbourn) or 6:00 (Max) you must go to the back of the general line. Only wristbands that are on your wrist will be accepted for entry. 

XRIJF Online Ticketing System

When you purchase tickets via the secure ordering system you will receive a unique patron ID and E-ticket with a barcode. Customers then have several options as to how to redeem their E-tickets.

Only one scan per bar code is possible.  All online sales final. No exchanges, no refunds.

All headliner tickets will be scanned at the point of entry to Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre.

Terms & Conditions
RIJF LLC offers tickets for our club pass series shows and headliner shows via 
Century Payments / We are a PCI Compliant Company.
RIJF LLC is located at 250 East Avenue, Rochester, New York 14604 585-454-2060
Email:  Fax: 585-454-2061
All transactions are conducted in US Dollars
Customer Service Tel contact 585-454-2060
Delivery service is via E-Tickets, or by USPS standard First class mail. 
If purchasing for home delivery, please allow 4-7 business days for delivery.
Country of Origin for RIJF LLC is USA and RIJF LLC are PCI compliant 
No refunds or exchanges. Once redeemed for an official pass, the pass is not transferable.  The resale of ticket for more than its face value without the written consent of the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival  (XRIJF, d/b/a RIJF, LLC) is prohibited by law.  As a festival patron, you assume all risk and danger incidental to attending festival performances, inside and outside any and all venues whether occurring prior to, during, or after said show(s). 
You assume all risk and danger of being injured in any manner and you agree that the management, its agents, and the performers are not responsible or liable for any injuries resulting from such causes. 
No alcohol, drugs or weapons are allowed in any XRIJF venues. Food or glass containers may be allowed in some XRIJF venues, solely at the discretion of venue management.    No recording devices, still or video cameras permitted in any festival venues. No transmission or aiding in transmitting any description, account, picture, or reproduction of any festival performance. You hereby consent to the reasonable search for alcoholic beverages, drugs, or weapons.    You hereby consent to the use of your image or likeness incidental to any display, transmission, or reproduction of the event. Festival staff reserve the right to refuse admission or eject any person whose conduct is deemed by the festival to be disorderly or who fails to comply with the terms and conditions herein. In the event of a cancellation for which there is no rescheduled date, a refund for this ticket may be issued at the option of the festival and may not include additional ticketing fees (i.e., ticketing operations fee, shipping fees, etc.).

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